a little seal

june 12 | 28 | she/they

motion graphics designer by trade, but also dabbles in art & web design. i spend a lot of time crying about morisawa chiaki.

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I tweet sporadically in bursts, so it's either a lot at one time, or radio silence for days.My twitter is extremely multi-fandom, multi-interest, and generally 50% daily nonsense. I do have a bunch of alternate twitters though, feel free to follow those if you wish!If I don't reply to you, it isn't because I dislike you! It's because I either forgot, or didn't have anything to say.I will never really talk about ships I'm not that into in public, because I don't enjoy wasting energy on things I don't like when I can close my eyes and talk more about my otps, so I appreciate the same level of respect for mine.I don't tag triggers as I believe it isn't my responsibility to look after your safety on the internet, but I do try to be careful with commonly sensitive things.Due to my upbringing and culture, I'm fairly sheltered and don't always know a lot of things - I appreciate patience and understanding with that, and I apologise if I offend anyone with my ignorance in advance.

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directory of my other public twitter accounts because im a good for nothing addict.

personal accounts are not listed, please don't be offended if i reject if you follow one - it doesn't mean i hate you, just not comfortable enough yet.


Art Commissions: CLOSED
Design Commissions: soon
Motion Graphics Commissions: soon